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The Rest of The Story

Well, okay.  Since you asked...

While we love The Key People Company name and have done our absolute best to build a strong, independent service brand here in St. Louis, it is a name that I inherited from my former business partner, Greg Stokes, when I purchased the company in 2003. Greg's father, Bud, also operates a company called The Key People which is based out of Denver and has locations in other cities including Dallas and Phoenix.  While we have always been completely independent and locally owned and operated, the internet and search engines have made the world smaller and more interconnected in many ways. Sharing The Key People name with Greg's dad is now more confusing and unhelpful in establishing our own identity here in St. Louis. 

This has been the driving force in our desire to rename our company.

We like the three words that we have chosen to replace Key People Company- Verity. Partners. Group.  We arrived at these three words after discussing the name change for about two years. 

Verity: fundamental honesty
Partners: a mutually beneficial connection between our company, our cleaners, and our clients
Group: an ever expanding association of great organizations striving together for excellence

Thank you for your interest in our story, and thank you for allowing us to serve you and your team!


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