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Welcome To The Verity Partners Group Experience! 

thank you for being part of our story! 

It is our pleasure to welcome you as one of the inaugural clients of The Verity Partners Group! We're so excited to celebrate with you, as we enter this new chapter in our company's history and want to acknowledge that your loyalty over the past three decades is the reason for our success! 

Though very little is changing in our day to day operations, and our ownership and staff will remain the same, we want to make sure that the transition from
The Key People Company to The Verity Partners Group on November 1, is as seamless as possible.  We understand that you'll probably have a few questions and we're here to provide the answers!  Your account manager is always available at 314-731-0071 to assist with any concerns you may have related to the name change; and our billing department can be reached at 314-720-4103 to address questions related to invoicing and payments as we transition to the new name.  We've also put together a list a F.A.Q.s below and provided some useful links to updated documents.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to let us know how we can help.

Thanks for stopping by, thank you for supporting The Key People Company-St. Louis, and thank you for choosing The Verity Partners Group! 

Here's To The Next 30 Years,

The Verity Partners Group Team (Mark, Melaina, Jason, Julia, Maria, Stevonna, Alicia, and Deanna)

Frequently Asked Questions

An updated copy of our Form W-9 listing our new dba as The Verity Partners Group.  Please note that our legal corporate name and EIN have not changed. 

An updated certificate listing The Verity Partners Group as the certificate holder.  Our insurance coverage is not changing. 

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