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A partner to keep your space fresh and clean all day long. 

Who says a building can’t look as good at 5:00 p.m. as  it does at 8:00 a.m.?  With day porter service from The Verity Partners Group, staff and visitors will enjoy a clean, inviting, and healthy workspace, all day long! 

In addition to keeping high traffic areas like rest rooms, locker rooms, and break areas stocked and sanitized throughout the business day, our day porters can help with special project and events, perform light maintenance, monitor outside perimeters and parking areas for debris, and provide routine anti-viral treatments.  The perfect supplement to an in-house team, or as a stand-alone solution, our day porters are a vital part of a complete facility janitorial and maintenance program.
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  Your Day

The sun won't be the only thing that's shining. 

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All in a day's work

What's on your list today? 
Day porter service from The Verity Partners Group is all about flexibility and convenience.  In addition to keeping your facility clean and stocked throughout the day, our day porters can help with special event setup, light maintenance projects, changing lightbulbs, anti-viral treatments, monitoring outdoor perimeter and parking lots, and other special projects as they arise.  It's the right solution to get the help you need, when you need it! 
Rest Room Monitoring

Restocking and cleaning rest rooms and break areas throughout the day.

Special Events

Help with set-up, break down, and keeping thing clean during the event.

Light Maintenance

Helping with special projects and taking care of changing light bulbs and small repairs.

Anti-Viral Sanitation

Monitoring and treating hot spots during regular business hours. 

Daytime Custodial

Spot mopping, cleaning key areas, and monitoring conditions as needed.

Outdoor Perimeter Care

Policing entrance areas, building perimeter, and parking lots for debris and trash.

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Daytime Janitorial vs. Day Porter

Daytime janitorial service and day porter service.  They both take place during the regular business day, but what’s the difference?

Daytime janitorial service is the regular commercial cleaning outlined in our Guidelines for Service. This type of cleaning is  performed during regular business hours and focuses on essential cleaning functions like dusting, vacuuming, mopping, restocking supplies, and trash removal, with the cleaning team arrives during a predetermined time window  It is typically a stand alone solution. 

Day porter service, on the other hand, is most often used in conjunction with an additional team that completes the essential service described above. Day porter service focuses on continuous cleaning and maintenance during the regular business day, typically within a predetermined number of hours, and on a set schedule. 

In addition to tasks like monitoring, sanitizing, and restoking rest rooms and break areas, clients may choose to have a day porter help with set-up for a special event; keep entrances and parking lots free of debris; change lightbulbs; perform anti-viral treatments, and more. Day porters provide an unprecedented versality, allowing each client the freedom to use the service in the way that provides the most benefit.  

Day porters may serve in conjunction with an in-house janitorial and maintenance  staff, or function independently as  a comprehensive daytime solution.

Let's talk about how day porter services from The Verity Partners Group can enhance the janitorial program at your facility.  Give us a call at 314-731-0071, or click below to schedule your no obligation quote, today. 


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