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Like A Well Oiled

No such thing as down time.  

the cog that keeps it running

How can we help?  It's the way we've started every conversation with our industrial clients since 1992. Over the last thirty years, we've delivered comprehensive janitorial solutions to clients in a variety of industries including: trucking and logistics, food processing, manufacturing, aviation, and warehousing. ​

Beginning with our Guidelines for Service, we build a customized, low maintenance, solution driven janitorial routine that meets the specific objectives of each facility. Our straightforward, short term service agreements require an initial trial period of 90 days.  After that, it’s month to month, with nothing more than a 30-day written notice required to say goodbye.

We focus on security. Every person entering a facility as a representative of The Verity Partners Group is fully bonded and insured and undergoes a complete national criminal background check. Through our emergency paging system, we are available 365 days a year, first shift to last, giving our clients peace of mind.

​Our broad selection of services doesn’t stop when the sun comes up.  Beyond regular janitorial and office cleaning, our day porters keep buildings humming all day long.  Always flexible, day porters help by keeping high traffic areas like break rooms, locker rooms and rest rooms clean and well stocked throughout the business day, managing light maintenance projects, policing outdoor perimeters, and parking areas for dirt debris, and more. Verity’s top of class carpet cleaning and hard floor maintenance plans enhance the overall appearance for staff and visitors while also contributing to cleaner environment which helps to reduce downtime. 


So, how can we help?  The Verity Partners Group would love the opportunity to be your complete solution for janitorial and floor care services.  Give us a call at 314-731-0071, or click here to schedule you no obligation quote.  

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The Verity Big Advantages

Complete Janitorial Care

Office cleaning, floor care, window cleaning, and more!

Security & Insurance

National criminal background checks; bonded and insured; after hours pager

Short Term Service Agreement

Simple 90 day initial term, then month to month

Dedicated Account Manager

Handling the day to day details and keeping everything on track

Savings on Paper Products

Everyday staples delivered right to your door through our vendor partners

Local, Responsive Management

Exclusively Serving St. Louis since 1992

Go The Distance.

"In 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of clients here in St. Louis approached us and asked if we could provide post-contamination treatments for their facilities in Springfield and Joplin.  These cities are obviously well outside of our service area, but the client felt more confident reaching out to us instead of searching for a local provider. It was both gratifying and extremely humbling to make the trip and be able to serve in that way."

--Mark Smalley, 
President & CEO, The Verity Partners Group

let's build something verity good

Customized Service, Competitive Pricing, and Responsible Local Management

manufacturing a better experience

Comprehensive Solutions
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Cleaning and sanitation solutions  for your entire building.
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Restorative and preventative carpet cleaning and floor care services
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Flexible and complete services to help your facility stay clean
all day long. 
Standard With Every Verity Service Agreement
  • Month to month contract after 90 day initial term*

  • Fully insured and bonded

  • Complete criminal background check on every person entering your building as a representative of The Verity Partners Group

  • A team specifically matched to the unique needs of your facility

  • Emergency contact available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Digital logbook to maintain the highest level of quality and communication

  • Periodic onsite inspections to ensure ongoing compliance with service guidelines

  • Technology to enhance, not replace, personal service

  • Your relationship is with The Verity Partners Group; we never sell or franchise our accounts

  • Complimentary consultation on specialty services

*Our standard service agreement is for 90 days.  At the conclusion of the initial 90 day term, the service agreement rolls over to month to month until either party provides a 30 day written termination notice. Additional, customized terms available upon request. 
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