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Cultivate an epic first impression.

Proper floor care and maintenance matter.  Research suggests that one of the first things that visitors, clients, employees, and potential employees notice when entering a commercial building is the condition of the carpet, tile, and other floor surfaces. Even in the cleanest of buildings, stained and dirty carpets or grime covered, scuffed flooring can make the entire space feel tired and unclean. Not only that, neglected carpets can become a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria which can aggravate respiratory conditions and compromise air quality.  

Trust the expert technicians at The Verity Partners Group to keep carpet and hard floors surfaces in picture perfect condition all year long.  Our technicians have cared for carpets and floors in schools (including gymnasium floors), houses of worship, food processing plants, salons, banks, warehouses, and more. 

Our floor care services are available on demand; as an add on to a regular janitorial service agreement; or as a floor care only agreement for annual maintenance. 

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Carpet Cleaning Services
Floor care and cleaning services with wa

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carpet cleaning

Enhance the appearance of your facility and promote a healthier environment with signature carpet cleaning services from The Verity Partners Group.

While regular vacuuming as part of a standard janitorial cleaning regimen is important to the overall condition of a facility, vacuuming alone is designed only to remove surface dirt and debris.  It does very little to address dirt and bacteria that, over time, becomes trapped in the carpet fiber. 


Incorporating professional carpet cleaning into a regular building maintenance routine not only lengthens the lifespan of the carpet, but also contributes to a healthier environment, reduces unpleasant odors, removes built in stains, and refreshes the overall appearance of the space. 

Available on-demand, or as an add-on service to a regular janitorial service agreement, our carpet cleaning services deliver the superior results St. Louis has come to expect from The Verity Partners Group. 

Give us a call at 314-731-0071 or message us today, and let's talk about how our carpet cleaning can make a Verity impressive difference at your facility! 

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

It's like vacuuming. . .on overdrive. 
  • Promote A Healthier Workspace: While regular vacuuming is a vital part of floor maintenance, it does not address dust, bacteria, and other pollutants that become trapped in carpet fibers over time.  Regular exposure to these particles has been linked to asthma and other respiratory issues, which can lead to employee absences and downtime.  Our specialized products are formulated to address this issue, sanitizing the carpets, and helping to restore a healthy environment. 
  • Removes Stains and Unpleasant OdorsIn addition to dust and other unwanted contaminants, carpet can become a breeding ground for unappealing odors and pesky stains. Our professional line of chemicals go deep to remove these odors at the root and addresses even the toughest stain from the bottom up to the surface.   
  • Improves Appearance: Scheduling regular carpet cleaning every 6 to 12 months will significantly enhance the look and feel of the carpeted space, especially in high traffic areas that tend to receive the most wear and tear during normal use. Regular carpet cleaning addresses this problem, going deep below the surface into the fibers to remove the built in dirt, improving the condition of even the toughest hit areas. Carpet cleaning can also help reduce the appearance of "traffic lanes" on carpet, providing a cleaner, more balanced appearance. 
  • Protect Your Investment: Carpet and floor installation is a significant expense in any new building or tenant space; and, like anything, proper and regular maintenance will help maximize ROI.  A regular floor care plan that includes vacuuming, stain removal, and professional deep cleaning service will help extend the lifespan of the carpet and help make sure the entire facility looks amazing all year long!   
Carpet Care

Restore. Refresh. Renew.

Enhance the appearance of your space and protect your investment with carpet cleaning and hard floor maintenance services from The Verity Partners Group.
Hard Floors

hard floor maintenance and care

Shine like crazy with hard floor maintenance from
The Verity Partners Group. 

Perhaps nothing makes a building look better than well maintained flooring.  In fact, floor appearance is often one of the first things clients and visitors notice, helping to form that invaluable first impression. 

While regular mopping as part of a standard janitorial cleaning program is a great first defense against dirt and stains, like vacuuming, mopping only deals with the immediate need to remove visible dirt and debris.  Mopping alone does not protect or seal the floor and, over time, starts to cause the wax on the floor to breakdown. This leads to a dull and unappealing appearance. 

Restore the look with signature floor care services from The Verity Partners Group.  Available on-demand, or as an add-on to a regular janitorial service agreement, our best in class floor care and maintenance service not only brings back a desirable appearance, but also prevent scratching that can occur from normal, daily use; lessen the chance of damage to individual tiles from lifting and breaking which can happen due to age, moisture, and neglect; and reduces staining and discoloration which transpire as wax breaks down allowing dirt and debris to seep into the tiles.

The Verity Partners Group is experienced in treating a variety of floor types and surfaces, and has worked with clients in offices, schools, churches, food processing facilities, banks, and automotive dealerships, among others  We create floor care plans that illuminate the space, and protect the floor, leading to a better ROI. 

Give us a call at 314-731-0071 and let's have a Verity Conversation about how floor care services from The Verity Partners Group can help you restore your shine! 

What's Your Type? 

A variety of floor types; a single, impressive result. 
Whether you're all about VCT, love the Roll Vinyl Composite, or are rockin' it with Natural Stone, The Verity Partners Group will help your floors look amazing! Our technicians are experienced working with a myriad floor types, including both wax and non-waxed surfaces.
Wax surfaces require floor finishing and wax to protect and maintain the tiles. Examples of wax surfaces include:
  • Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT): Usually 12 x 12 non-grouted tile.  Used frequently in schools, medical facilities, retail stores, and supermarkets.
  • Roll Vinyl Composite Flooring: A variation of VCT. Sold in sheets rather than squares.  
Non-waxed surfaces do not require a floor finish or wax for protection. These floor types are generally maintained by frequent scrubbing and extraction followed by a conditioning treatment. Examples of non-waxed surfaces include:
  • Grouted Tile: Includes: ceramic, mosaic, porcelain, and terra-cotta.  Available in various sizes, textures; glazed and non-glazed. Typically made of kiln baked clay and sand. 
  • Natural Stone: Comes in many variations.  Most shiny or glossy types require polishing rather than finish or wax to maintain. More natural, textured or grouted varieties are maintainable through processes similar to those used on clay based grouted tile.   Some common examples of natural store surfaces include: marble, granite, onyx, quartzite, terrazzo, travertine, limestone, sandstone, and slate.
  • Natural Wood Flooring: Various sizes of natural hardwood, strained and finished with polyurethane. Typically seen in offices or gymnasiums. General maintenance includes scrubbing, extraction, and conditioning treatment. Can tolerate floor finish or wax, but we do not recommend. 

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