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If there has been a confirmed positive case of Covid-19 at your facility, and you need to schedule a post-contamination treatment, please call us at 314-731-0071. 

Peace of mind. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been scary and unnerving. Since early 2020, when the world changed, seemingly overnight,  our clients have come to depend on us as a trusted resource to help navigate this new era. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

The Verity Partners Group, working then as The Key People Company, was one of the first commercial cleaning firms in St. Louis to develop and execute a plan to respond to Covid-19. In early January 2020, under the direction of our Director of Operations and in accordance with CDC guidelines, we began gathering data, researching appropriate processes to help mitigate spread,  procuring recommended chemicals, and educating our cleaning teams.

In February 2020, we formed a dedicated task force with the specific goal of helping our clients remain safe and operational. In late Spring 2020, as our clients began returning to work, we launched the dedicated  Covid Command Center on our website. 

We have been the dedicated disaster recovery partner for 911 call centers, ambulance services, fire protection agencies, medical facilities, banks, and mortgage service providers, among others. We have performed hundreds of anti-viral and post-contamination treatments. These services have proven highly effective in reducing downtime and helping our clients return to work quickly after a confirmed exposure to Covid-19. 

As our region continues to move forward, we will continue to make our anti-viral and post contamination treatments available and remain focused on client care. 
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An Essential Partner in Unprecedented Times.

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COvid-19 Treatments

Covid-19 treatment
Call 314-731-0071 to schedule this service

Antiviral Treatment

  • Preventive in nature
  • Available on a one-time or ongoing basis
  • Manually treats touch points and surfaces in common areas; restrooms; first aid areas; and dining areas with a CDC approved and EPA registered solution
  • Typically effective for 7-9 days after treatment
  • Can include personal desk space, if desired
  • Can include treatment with an electrostatic sprayer as a final step, if desired
Covid Post Contamination.jpg
Call 314-731-0071 to schedule this service

Post-Contamination Treatment

  • Remedial/Urgent in nature
  • Should occur after notification of confirmed positive test result
  • Treatment of all contaminated areas and touchpoints with an electrostatic fog using a CDC approved and EPA registered solution
  • May also include manual treatments of touchpoints such as door handles, railings, dispensers, etc. 
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Call 314-731-0071 to schedule this service

Covid-Guard Carpet Treatment

  • Remediates the Covid-19 virus along with other viruses, bacteria, and pathogens
  • Provides a lasting shield to help prevent the spread of Covid-19
  • Spray solution bonds to carpet fibers
  • May be performed as a stand alone service or as an add-on to a regular carpet cleaning service*
*If carpets have not been professionally cleaned within the last 6 months, we recommend cleaning prior to this treatment. Click here to learn about additional carpet cleaning services. 
To schedule a Covid-19 treatment, please call our office at 314-731-0071 or contact us here. 

Additional Covid-19 Resources

Click the links below for more information related to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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