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We start with the basics and build a plan that works for you. 

Since 1992, when we started as The Key People Company-St. Louis, The Verity Partners Group has built a reputation for providing the St. Louis region consistent, solution driven office cleaning and commercial janitorial service that is responsibly managed and competitively priced.
Beginning with our standard Guidelines For Service, we start with the basics like rest rooms, break areas, dusting, and mopping to build a customized service plan that addresses the specific needs, concerns, and frequency requirements of each client's space.    

It's Not Just Clean...It's Verity Clean!

Click the links below to learn more about how we care for each specific area of your facility.
  • General Cleaning including dusting, desks, telephones, mini-blinds, furniture, water fountains, vacuuming, and mopping
  • Entrance and Reception Areas clean entrance glass, reception desks, and floors for a great first impression   
  • Rest Rooms maintaining clean and sanitized toilets, dispensers, urinals and counters is a top priority for our crews
  • Lunch Rooms, Kitchen, and Coffee Areas we put special focus on tables, sinks, countertops, vending machines, and microwaves to create a warm a relaxing space for your employees and visitors.
Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager, providing a single point of contact to coordinate special requests, resolve concerns, and advise on specialty services like floor maintenance and consumable supplies like paper towels and trash liners. 

The Verity Partners Group is fully bonded and insured, requiring a criminal background check on each person with whom we work, giving our clients peace of mind; and, with our after hours emergency paging system, answered 365 days a year by a Verity Partners Group manager, clients can rest assured that they're never alone when the unexpected occurs. 

Best of all, while most of our competitors require a minimum contractual commitment of one year, our simple, straight forward service agreement is for 90 days.* This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other, understand the specific needs of the facility, and make sure that we've matched just the right crew. After that, it's month to month with nothing more than a 30-day written notice needed to end our partnership. In 30 years, we've never required complicated, long term contracts, because we've never needed to.  We prefer to serve our clients based on a relationship that is mutually beneficial; not restrictive and one-sided contract language. 

We'd love to have the chance to earn your business.  Why settle for just clean when you can be Verity clean!  Give us a call at 314-731-0071, or click here to get your quote today! 
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Office cleaning that is anything but routine.

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We've built our 30 year legacy 3 months at a time.

At The Verity Partners Group, our simple, straight forward service agreement is for 90-days.*  After that it's month to month with nothing more than a 30-day written notice required to say good-bye. No questions asked.  In 30 years, we've never required long term contracts because, frankly, we've never had to. Our average client has been with us for 6 years and many of our clients have been around for decades.

Earning your business and your trust, service by service, month by month, year by year.  That's how we do things.  

It does beg the question: why do those other cleaning companies need to require long-term contracts that automatically renew and often include confusing and complicated termination language?  Yeah.  Our point exactly. 
*Our standard service agreement is for 90 days.  At the conclusion of the initial 90 day term, the service agreement rolls over to month to month until either party provides a 30 day written termination notice. Additional, customized terms available upon request. 
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