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Welcome, to the verity beginning...

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To all our Key People Company- St. Louis clients – thank you for your partnership with my company! Whether you've allowed us to serve your commercial cleaning and floorcare needs for years; or, you're considering us for future partnership, you have been the key to our success since we opened here in the St. Louis Metropolitan area nearly 30 years ago. 


I wanted to let you know that, beginning November 1, 2021, we are publicly transitioning our business name from The Key People Company to The Verity Partners Group.


Nothing else is changing. No ownership, management, or staff changes of any sort. The company has not been sold.  


The only real change comes down to three words, basically. The three words by which we will now be known: Verity, Partners, Group.  In every other way we remain the same company you've trusted since 1992.

So, while for us this is a big change, for you, our business partners, there will really just be the adjustment of hearing a different name on our voicemail; changing your account manager's e-mail address;  and updating your accounting software.

We look forward to our continued partnership and thank you again for putting your trust in us and allowing us to earn your business, we hope, long into the future!

Yours for Better Service:

Mark Smalley, President

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